ReThink Session Info

ReThink Session List for December 13, 2017

ReThink Schedule for 2017 – 2018

ReThink: Student Expectations

Each week the ReThink sessions will last 40 minutes and the daily schedule will differ slightly from the normal schedule.

ReThink Wednesdays:

1st Hour: 7:35 – 8:20 am
2nd Hour: 8:26 – 9:11 am
ReThink: 9:19 – 9:59 am
3rd Hour: 10:06 – 10:51 am
4th Hour: 10:57 – 11:49 am
5th Hour: 11:55 – 12:47 pm
6th Hour: 12:53- 1:45 pm
7th Hour: 1:51 – 2:43 pm
8th Hour: 2:49 – 3:45 pm


Please read the F.A.Q.s below:

Do I have to go to a ReThink session?
Yes. If you do not attend a ReThink session, you will be marked as “truant.” Truancy tickets can cost upward to $100.

What exactly is the difference between an “open” and “closed” session??
Open sessions are classes that anyone can attend. Closed sessions are required by your teacher and you must attend. If you fail to attend a mandatory “closed” session you will be given detention. 

Will the ReThink teachers take attendance?
Yes. This ensures that you are correctly accounted for and are not accidentally thought to be truant.

How long do I have to get from 2nd hour to a ReThink session?
You will have 8 minutes, so it is recommended that you have two or three different sessions in mind in the same area of the building in case one of your choices is full. If the bell rings and you are caught in the hallway, you will be sent to detention in the cafeteria. If you are assigned ReThink detention you will also have three (3) days of additional lunch detention. 

Can I use the restroom while in a ReThink session?
No. The sessions are only 40 minutes and the teachers need the entire session time to teach!

How do I know if a class is “open” or “closed?”
Each teacher will have a sign on the outside of their door so students know if the class is open or not. Some teachers may be hosting an open session (green sign), but when the session fills to 100% capacity the teacher will switch the sign to “closed” (red sign).

Can I go to a session with a teacher that I’ve never had before?
Yes! You may attend any open session that you wish – even if you have never been in that teacher’s class!

How am I supposed to know which sessions I want to take?
The session list will be emailed to your YHS email address each week – or you can check Mr. Payne’s website as the list will be posted each week as well. 

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