Collaged Mural on Display at Hideaway Pizza in Yukon

The students at Yukon High School collaborated with Hideaway Pizza of Yukon to create a collaged mural of the history of Yukon. The mural measures 10′ x 3’4″ and hangs in the carryout area of the restaurant. The collage design was created by recent graduate Teryn Dinneen. Kalli Smith, also a 2016 graduate, took on the majority of the collage work for her senior Art IV project. Also contributing to the collage were Nayelly Batista, Brennan Bratcher, Teran Columbus, Emily Hoebing, Allora Huizinga, Maddie Kerr, Kyra Merchen, Kayla Morris, Abby Parker, Brenna Pershall, Ashlin Polly, Charlie Ramsey, Celeste Torres, Ciara Walker, and Beth White.

Click here to see images of the collage as well as a legend that details each photo found on the mural.

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