Artist Study (Art II)

Artist Study (100 pts.)

Due Date: Wednesday, April 10 at the end of the day. Late grades will be applied! You may use one of the ChromeBooks for research or any of the three computers in the classroom/office.


Research and analyze the work of one (1) artist by creating an 12” x 18” poster of that artist.

Which artist should you choose?

Think back to all the artists and artwork we’ve seen this year and how we linked those artists to the projects. Your artist should reflect the style, medium, or general aesthetic that will inspire your Final Project. Your Final Project will not be a direct copy of this artist, but merely an inspiration.

Choose any artist that is established in the art world. Vincent van Gogh is not option due to the example above and YouTube artists are not acceptable. The artist you choose must have a website or an established exhibition history (see an example of an exhibition history here). Your selected artist must be approved by Mr. Payne before you proceed. Click below for several artist directories:

Web Gallery of Art

Art Styles by Periods in Art History

Bridgeman Artist Library

The Google Art Project

The Google Street Art Project


What do I include in my project?

1. Name – Name of the artist (largest lettering on the paper)

2. Artwork – Two (2) works of art by that artist. These can be their most well-known pieces or two of your favorites. You may include more if you have room on the paper.

3. Bio – Brief biography of the artist including the birth & death years, where they lived, where they studied art (school or if they apprenticed/studied under another artist), and any other anecdotal information.

4. Influences – Who influenced your artist? List influential artists, art styles, life events, etc.

5. Describe – Describe the artist’s style with descriptive, colorful language. This should include elements like the colors, lines, shapes, subject matter, composition, etc.

6. Analyze – Analyze the artist’s work by looking at the artist’s intentions, symbolism, or message they are communicating in their art.

7. Reflect – What is your interpretation and opinion of the artist’s work? This is where you review and think about all the information and research that you’ve done on the artist.

8. Connect – How will you link this artist’s style, message, or studies into your Final Project. Be very specific by discussing the media you plan to use, the substrate (surface material), subject matter, etc.

Designing your Research Project

1. After including items #1-8, you need to “decorate” your project. I recommend including lines, shapes, colors, etc. that are similar to what is seen in the artist’s artwork. 


1. Using your school Google account, you will create a Google document where you will include your text and images. If you prefer to handwrite your information it must be legible. 

2. After combining all of your artwork images and/or your text into a single Google document you will share that document with me (File -> Share -> brian.payne(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) and I can print your images/information for you. If you are using one of the classroom computers, you don’t need to share it with me.

* Remember to scale the images so they print small enough to fit on your 12″ x 18″ paper leaving enough room for your artist’s information.

The Final Project 

1. You will create a work of art that has been influenced by your chosen artist’s style.

2. You may work with any media and your project can be any size. You may do a series of projects or simply create a single piece. All project proposals must be approved by Mr. Payne.

3. The Final Project is the largest part of your 2nd semester grade (500 points) and should represent your best work all year, and you have approximately 7 weeks to complete this project. It is due Wednesday, May 15. No extensions will be given. The 6th Annual Art Extravaganza will be Friday, May 17 from 5:30 – 8 pm, so I encourage you to submit your Final Project to our annual art show!


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