Z. Matthews

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

In what ways am I able to use pop-art and surrealism to show the greed for money and power that organized criminals have? How can I use color to display different emotions throughout my pieces? At the beginning of my investigation, I used bright and vibrant colors to bring a lighthearted characteristic to the pieces. I chose 3 people to manipulate and change in a surrealistic way further down the line of my pieces. Also, I used flowers to bring a more dainty humiliation to the piece as well. After completing two pieces, I’ve decided that there are still some colors that are too dull and dark for my liking. Moving to my fifth piece and on, I started moving in a darker tone, whilst keeping the brighter, light-hearted colors. I wanted to show the actions these criminals took in order to gain more power and money. In addition, I took out Pablo Escobar and decided to use another mob-related organized criminal, Frank Costello, to focus on the general mobster theme. I used surrealism to help symbolize who these people really were.

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