R. Bui

AP Drawing Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

Can I split aspects of myself, to create series of painted images while telling a story of “self improvement”? In the end having the ultimate message shown when combining the paintings together into one large piece? I imagined each piece was like a panel of a storyboard. The huge challenge was designing the pieces so they would connect and still represent and flow as a story. So pieces were drawn up, swapped, changed, etc. to be fitted in the storyboard. The story is in made in order with the feelings and emotions the character goes through is represented in each piece. I’ve split it into a dark and light side. He endures through everything in dark side to grow and become better person in the light side. Once the story is completed and the pieces are put together it reveals a large self portrait of me. As this is my path of self improvement. Though the limit was reduced to 10 so not all is shown.

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