O. Walker

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

How can I show my audience the kindness that I see in humanity and how they positively affect the environmental beauty through abstract color experimentation. When starting this investigation I wanted to explore the abstract style and how it can manipulate a viewer’s perception of an otherwise “ugly” human interaction with nature. This investigation was also a direct call away from the more depressing feeling of the world being treated badly due to human interference. Using color I wanted to give the viewer joyful feelings looking at extremely dilapidated objects or human interaction so that the next time looking at those objects they might see the beauty still instead of feeling upset or angry. First, I stuck pretty hard to the realism as an artist I’m known for, I was scared to make mistakes and to explore these abstract ideas further but as I continued to work with pastel exclusively for the first time my motions became more loose and my colors less conventional until I found myself finding those surreal ideas that I had hoped I would. I eventually moved onto acrylic paint.

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