L. Roach

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

How effectively can I produce a theme of duality, mental metamorphosis with unsettling imagery through many different watercolor and graphite techniques and abstract figures?

I started with a central emotion of loss, failure, and emptiness, a horrible feeling on the cusp of collapse, and began to study the process of recovery. I then learned that with my current disorders I can achieve happiness but it is not possible for me to live purely in happiness without destruction. Through this I hope to display the process of uncertainty, and how devastating ignorance can be, using symbols I found through my journey. I learned that a balance of lessons and leisure is key, and the focus switched from dark, griddy loss, to soft watercolor and collisions of bright fantasy and a dark hellscape reality. The experimentation of precision vibrance, mixed with the traditional soft colors of watercolor were explored along with learning other ways to bring watercolor to life, along with technique exploration such as with watercolor fluidity, manipulation of brush techniques, and improvements on graphite work and perspective, in order to create fluid and vivid imagery.

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