K. Rosson

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

Throughout this portfolio, I explored intense emotions through both playful and dark mythical depictions. I asked myself a few questions to better convey my intentions. How can I display the juxtaposition of aging through childlike fantasy? How can I use fantasy to cope with reality? How can I show a storyline of growth through changing scenes? I separated the negative and positive emotions and situations that come with aging. I used fantasy situations to express contrary emotions. I wanted the naive wonder to remain through the positivity, with vibrant colors and joy. I took the opposite route with serious emotions. Those scenes were cold, wistful and dangerous. Either way, all of these events take place within same universe. I made a list of settings and characters to make it cohesive. I stepped out of my comfort zone in creating it. I painted way more than I am used to, as I mainly draw. I used creatures that I had never drawn before. I drew them several times and revised them before painting. I experimented with glitter and colorful palettes. Overall, this series represents the experience of tragedy tainting the innocence of childhood.

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