K. Bales

AP 2D Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

How can I show the effect of people being complacent on important social issues and how it affects our world both culturally and environmentally through the staining collage, painting, and implementing 3-D elements?

In my first piece the icebergs show the disconnect in politics in America today. I used experimentation on how to properly use the watered down acrylic while not ruining the collage piece with too much water. In my piece with the sink the wire on the outside really shows how demeaning words can make us feel trapped in that toxicity. I also show this with the multiple toxic symbols on the black border. There was some difficulty staining the outside collage pieces since they were meant to look dirty, old and yet still legible. In my final piece depicting war and the glorification of it I use colored and uncolored collage to show that disconnect. The human ignorance in this not only glorifies something that can be very tragic but it also allows environmental damage to take place in the name of solving conflict. Glorifying something tragic affects how we view the situation going forward and how much of it we let continue.

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