J. Holt

AP 2D Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

How can I convey my perception of how our beautiful earth is turning into this drastic global warming wasteland and the effects if we do not change our course of action to save humanity? These artworks are intended to say how global warming is affecting the earth. Global warming and how nature will look over a period of time is the issues I am presenting. Experimental techniques used in these artworks is watered down acrylic with acrylic pens and calligraphy ink layered on top of a gessoed masonite board. The ink will make blotchy wet indentions when applied to dry white acrylic. I would go back and forth from masonite board to wood. I then started experimenting with elements from nature such as rock, grass, charcoal, and insects. I felt more comfortable sticking with the idea of a triptych to tell the story of a landscape and the effects over time. My final piece(s) consisted of these elements, as well as using collage work. I also built a plexiglass box to add the items of nature into to tell more of a story.

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