C. Cauthan

AP 2D Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

How can I show problems within my personal and non-personal world through symbolic choices? What if I can show a different light to current events in a modern way of art? Can I convey my opinion in a matter that doesn’t start an argument, but rather makes one stop and think “what is this showing me”? Can I shed light on a feeling that many are going through in a way that makes them understand themselves more?

Throughout this process I began with oil, a medium I was comfortable in, with elements of collage, something I wasn’t used to. In most pieces the collage aspects add to the movement and chaotic feeling these pieces can have. In others the flat and unblended colors represent the harsh black and white opinions society has on these issues. As I continued throughout this process I found that the topic shouldn’t have just been America, I wanted to focus on things that I personally felt, not the political opinions I thought made me an adult. In the final piece it is a self portrait and each color and shape connects to my thoughts and feelings personally. The styles were all different and it was sometimes uncomfortable for me to work with, yet I soon found a love for them as well.

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