A. Deloera

AP 2D Portfolio (Sustained Investigation)

Sustained Investigation: Written Evidence

I started the sustained investigation with a universal question. The question was, “How does spirituality interconnect with divergent religions?”. This question gave me freedom to scrutinize and experiment with different ancient wisdom and intelligence from all over the world. I started by painting something I am familiar with, Catholicism. I don’t consider myself a Catholic, but I was raised in a Catholic household. That painting turned out to be a priest with half of his face turned black to express my guilt and fear for poking at God. I let my intuition take over my investigation. Later, I started to move towards ancestral practices and beliefs, specifically plant medicine. My paintings started to become less structured and more transcendental. Things got more surreal. I felt less anxiety and more freedom while painting. Rules don’t always have to be followed. I could explore my spirituality without fear. There is a beautiful balance between worship (religion) and experimentation (spirituality). Everything interconnects. Balance is the answer.

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