E. Olvera

AP 3D Portfolio (Breadth)

AP 3D Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

Suicidal thoughts and actions are a major problem among teens and never gets out until it’s reached a breaking point in the person and they do something drastic. My concentration focuses on what thoughts may occur in people before they commit the act of suicide. By using mannequin heads to represent people’s and my own suffering, I am conveying that suicide is real and the tendencies can be hard to spot, ultimately leaving traces of its existence in others.


How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

My work represents my idea by revealing what suicidal thoughts or actions can do to people. Each piece focuses on a new aspect of the disease either literally or symbolically. 1 and 3 are based on the fact that teenagers will start to let their grades slip as they no longer care about what they loved to do – in my case archery and sewing. 2 represents people no longer speaking out about what they are going through and keeping it to themselves. 4 is on overdose, whether on purpose to end it all or accidentally just trying to get their medication to work. 5 represents self harming – the typical basis for suicide but gets overshadowed by people just wanting attention, making it harder for people to get the help they need. 6 is feeling weighed down by anything and everything in life, not wanting to get out of bed or move. 7 being the near end and actually committing suicide; sadly many people reach this end and rarely get the second chance they deserve. Finally, 8 is the release felt when someone can actually get help or their second chance at life, the chance to try again and live to their fullest without the burden of feeling the weight of everything upon them.


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