A. Wright

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Breadth)


AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

The focus of my art is on the stages of healing after heartbreak and loss. I decided to work with this concept because I have personally gone through these stages myself in recent years and I have seen others undergo these emotions and ways of thinking as well. Going through it was rough, but I wanted to convey to the world that although the journey is long and painful, but there is hope and healing in the process of healing.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? 

The journey of healing takes strength and time. The color palette in these works varies in tones some soft and cool and some bold and warm. The colors represent going through the process of mending oneself after a loss or heartbreak.The first work shows pre-destruction which is where you see the struggle begin. The hand holds onto the bomb that could explode at any time as one is aware the situation is about to erupt if they choose to hang onto every bit of what they once knew. Work 2 represents destruction and one’s distorted world. Work 3 is the stage of suffering – what once was whole now is in shambles. Work 4 is grief – the blue man and his lone tear represent a time of mourning. Work 5 is a time of being stuck – one is longing to heal. Work 6 is discovery of oneself and how to get out of stuck. Work 7 is the breakout represented by the bird on the hip. Work 8 and 9 are the ascent represented by ASL letter F and R to begin to spell out free. Work 10 is the set back, which is the stage where one feels waves of emotions simultaneously and they must try to keep their composure. Work 11 is restoration and finding harmony. Work 12 is reclamation as the pain still stings from within but you are beginning to glow again.

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