A. Hull

AP 2D Portfolio (Breadth)


AP 2D Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

The central idea around my concentration is phobias. I wanted my focus to be on fears of uncommon thoughts and objects. I thought this concept would be a fun and interesting topic to research. After discovering these fears and creating art for them, I realized that there are many reasons for people to actually be afraid of these things.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

For these phobias to become apparent in my art, I created collages that would make the viewers a little uneasy. Some of the fears are more uncommon than others, and those were my favorite to make. For example, images 9 (Dysmorphophobia), 11 (Ommetaphobia), and 12 (Podophobia) were very interesting to create because they allowed me to manipulate body parts. I wanted some of my pieces to make the audience cringe. Images 3 (Scoleciphobia), 5 (Pediophobia), and 6 (Carnophobia) did that for me. I would look at the piece and get chills down my spine and I would gag at the one with the meats and worms. The ones that I didn’t want the viewer to get spooked by were the ones with the screaming women. Images 3 (Scoleciphobia), 4 (Christophobia),6 (Carnophobia), 8 (Cyberphobia), and 10 (Anthophobia) were all made with vintage horror characters. I used these women because their expressions are not far off from what people feel if they have a phobia. Though most of these fears are more rare, I started out with a couple that are more rational. For instance, images 1 (Phagophobia) and 2 (Astrophobia) are the fears of getting eaten alive and aliens. Image 7 (Ichthyophobia) was really fun to make because I put a black and white spiral that contrasts really well with the colorful fish.

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