J. Miranda

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Breadth)


AP Drawing/Painting (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration? 

My artwork is focused around the idea of flower symbolism and the different flowers that I associate with the personalities of people I am close with. Flowers can symbolize almost anything and can be used for many occasions and emotions including birthdays, anniversaries, mourning a death, etc. In my paintings the people I painted are submerged in their flowers with only their eyes showing because the eyes can be a gateway to the soul and can tell about a person’s emotions and personality.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? 

I wanted to portray the personalities of people I am very close with and show it through the symbolic meanings of the flowers I paired with each of them. Work 1 is Hyacinths, which symbolize sports and games and is a perfect fit with the boy because he is out almost every weekend playing sports. Work 2 is Crocus, 6 is Coreopsis, and 8 is Gerbera Daisy and all symbolize cheerfulness, and youthfulness; the 3 go together very well because the boys are 3 brothers and are outgoing and happy. Work 3 shows the Garlic flower and symbolizes courage because the boy is fearless. Work 4 is oak leaved geranium, which symbolizes friendship because the girl is one of my closest friends. Work 5 is Gladiolus flowers, which symbolize strength and is paired with my brother who works hard and never quits. Work 7 is red roses, which symbolize love and I paired it with my boyfriend. Work 9 has white lilacs and symbolizes innocence and purity, a good fit to the little girl because she is so young and innocent. Work 10 has magnolia flowers and is a self-portrait; this flower symbolizes a love of nature and I love painting flowers. Works 11 and 12 are a Tropical bouquet and are paired with my parents. These flowers aren’t a normal symbol of love, but to my parents they are because they remind them of their honeymoon to Hawaii.

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