H. Tetts

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Breadth)


AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

Whether it’s for food, clothing, or entertainment, humans take advantage of the animals we share our planet with. My concentration follows the cruelty that can be seen in inhumane practices that directly and indirectly affect animals. Through the pieces I have created I intend to address these issues in a way that will make the viewer feel uneasy and sympathetic.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea? You may refer to specific images as examples.

In my concentration I explore the idea of animal cruelty through oil paint, ink, and mixed media. The red hues seen in all of the works symbolize the violent and harrowing lives these animals are forced to endure. A few of the works that I would like to reference that I feel display my central theme the best are 2, 9, 10, 11, and 12. In work 9, the rubber chicken is intended to give a sense of playfulness to make it seem as though the animal is just a toy. The hand around the neck is supposed to make the viewer uncomfortable, and bring the underlying theme of inhumanity back into the work to remind the viewer that animals are not toys to play with. In 11, I used rough brushstrokes to create the bodies of the animals; but to also represent the chaos and violence in chicken fights. The legs at the top of the work are the people who are watching, whether they enjoy the entertainment or know it is wrong, and do nothing to stop what is happening. In 2, the hands collaged around the turtle show the insensitivity humans have when animals are in their care. In 10, the red bars symbolize the disconnect between human and animal that leads to animal cruelty. Finally, in work 12, the collaged bars not only represent the physical bars zoo animals live behind, but also the emotional blocks they face living in cages.

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