H. Ashby

AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Breadth)


AP Drawing/Painting Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

My concentration focuses on different types of love and the relationships people share with their friends and loved ones. I wanted to present a diverse group of people in a variety of relationships and scenes, showing the range of human affection and depict people of all different ages, races, sexualities, and backgrounds spending time with their family, friends, and partners.


How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

While a good few of my pieces center around romantic relationships, like my pieces “Sacred Ground” (#6), depicting a couple as they are married, and “Their Bedroom” (#2), which shows a couple sharing a tender moment in their shared apartment, many of my other pieces focus on other relationships. Pieces like “Grandma’s Lap” (#7), “The Stoop” (#4), and “Tree Swing” (#12) show different combinations of family members spending time with each other. One piece in particular, “Admirer” (#1), shows a young woman admiring herself in a mirror, which emphasises the importance of self-love. All these pieces show a diverse group of people and the range of relationships and love that is shared between them.

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