C. Ross

AP 2D Portfolio (Breadth)


AP 2D Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

My concentration focuses on the moods and obstacles that teens feel when turning into adults. For the past five years nearly all my peers faced life complications. Using photos of people who encountered their own struggles, and a blend of traditional and digital art, I have created 12 psychedelic works. Saturated colors, harsh lines, and various textures give each piece a unique mood and help the viewer feel what teenagers live through; all while maintaining a dreamy atmosphere.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

These works all demonstrate my own struggles, as well as ones commonly seen in young adults. I have faced depression, anxiety, personality problems, self-esteem issues, fears, and wrong choices; and so do many other teens. I tried to capture how strenuous it is to be a teenager now, as well as some of the joys of this crucial time. I want my audience to know what I’ve lived through through each work. Pieces 1 and 2 are about mental illness: specifically depression and anxiety. I used hard lines and colors that pop off each other to create a loud, uneasy feel, which is to unsettle the viewer. 3 can tie into depression as well; the girl sits in her own head and she perceives everything dark and colorless. Artwork 4, 5, 6, and 12 are about identity, tackling things issues such as false happiness, knowing yourself, and desires for freedom. Work 7 is about dreading the future, contrasting piece 6. The idea of the future is suffocating, and you can drown in all the responsibilities you must learn to take on. 8 focuses on love, and how it can be used as a weapon. 9 is about holding onto the things that are important to you, however holding onto the wrong things is like confining yourself to a personal prison. 10 and 11 focus on habits, 10 is about building new, positive ones for the future and 11 being developing negative ones.

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