B. Layman

AP 2D Portfolio (Breadth)


AP 2D Portfolio (Concentration)

What is the central idea of your concentration?

My concentration focuses on regular people doing everyday things in a location where these acts would not normally be performed. The idea is for the photos to provoke questions and confusion.The idea was to break down social boundaries and stray away from simple portraiture.

How does the work in your concentration demonstrate the exploration of your idea?

In each work someone is shown doing something in an abnormal place. In work 1 the model is having her birthday party in a bathtub filled with water and bubbles as if she were taking a bath, but while being fully clothed and celebrating another year of her life. In work 2 the models are in a public bathroom stall while the model on the left is proposing to the model on the right. In work 3 the model rests along the roadside in her robe and towel with a bowl of popcorn and remote as if she’s watching a movie. In work 5 the model is shown fishing in the dairy aisle of a grocery store using a bag of sour gummy worms as bait. In work 8 the model is shown shaving her legs in the middle aisle on an airplane. In work 9 the model is in a lake while washing/rinsing her dishes. In work 10 the models are shown playing a game of Jenga while sitting on the floor of a downtown elevator. In work 11 the model is shown brushing her teeth while sitting in a booth at a local diner. In work 12 the model stands on a roof downtown with cake mix and a mixing bowl baking a cake.

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