M. Muhyee

 AP  Drawing Portfolio (Breadth)

AP  Drawing Portfolio (Concentration)

My concentration “Every Body is Beautiful” is based on the fact that social media destroys the confidence of people and makes them think that they aren’t good enough. Every person is different and beautiful in their own way, which is why I used different materials to create my pieces. Every body I painted is on something unique to its structure. Nobody is meant to look the same; beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

To demonstrate the idea that it’s okay to be different, I painted each piece on specific painting surfaces. Examples would be the anorexic model being on a thin piece of wood, and my “Big and Beautiful” woman being painted on a larger piece of matting. I based my soda bottle painting off of the saying “body like a coke bottle”, and my basketball player was painted on steel to represent his strength. I would find the most random pieces to relate to body types, and let the things I painted on influence which figure I painted next. I wanted to make sure I had a wide variety of people in my concentration because if you walk outside you don’t only see skinny women with fake body parts, or muscular male models. The world impacts us all in unique ways, and that is what makes us individuals; nobody should ever have the ability to make you want to take that away.

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