R. Keller

This is one of four computer labs at Yukon High School that had a series of  30″ x 24″ paintings created to “brighten” the dullness of the computer lab walls. Ms. Keller’s seven paintings now permanently hang in room S104. Below is her explanation and rationale behind the design of the paintings:

“Initially when I was presented with the opportunity to do these paintings, I was unsure how to go about it. Mr. Payne started to give us some ideas by showing us various abstract works. While I enjoyed and admired the abstract Color Field Paintings, I wanted achieve something different. I wanted my paintings to be abstract, yet at the same time straying from the geometric shapes and repetitive color scheme. That being said, I then decided to incorporate various monochromatic color palettes and organic shapes.” – R. Keller

AP Drawing Portfolio (Breadth)

AP Drawing Portfolio (Concentration)

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