N. Skinner

Computer Lab Paintings

This is one of four computer labs at Yukon High School that had seven 30″ x 24″ paintings created to “brighten” the dullness of the computer lab walls. Nicole’s seven paintings now permanently hang in room N218. Below is Nicole’s explanation and rationale behind the design of the paintings:

“I chose to use warm colors (reds, yellows, & oranges) to help keep students awake & energized because being in a dungeon of a computer lab, without windows, trying to focus on a test that can determine if they graduate or not is strenuous enough as is. I hope people see my paintings as apertures of sunshine, & I hope it brightens their day. A technique I used was painting with a palette knife instead of a paintbrush to add character & depth. We weren’t allowed to depict objects, numbers, or words so I did my best to give simple geometric designs some life.” – Nicole Skinner

AP 3-D Portfolio (Quality)

AP 3-D Portfolio (Breadth)

AP 3-D Portfolio (Concentration)

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