A. Sutherland

Computer Lab Paintings

 This is one of four computer labs at Yukon High School that had seven 30″ x 24″ paintings created to “brighten” the dullness of the computer lab walls. Aspen’s seven paintings now permanently hang in room S103. Below is Aspen’s explanation and rationale behind the design of the paintings:

     “Excited to have the opportunity to do a series of paintings for a computer lab, I fretted for an idea. Eventually, I thought logically about it: students are usually in the computer lab for testing or a project. I then reflected on my mood and feelings when I was in the lab – and was struck with an artistic epiphany.

     The reasoning behind my paintings is to create a calming effect. When students are in the lab, they are probably stressed – either with a test or grade. Therefore, since cool colors lower blood pressure, they are the dominants in the paintings. There is, however, one square of yellow in every painting. This is to create a small boost of energy – similar to a shot of caffeine. That way there will be the calming effect of the cool colors with the yellow to counteract the drowsy potential. Similarly, the crisp, white, straight lines are to subconsciously encourage sharp, straightforward thinking (rather than having the brain get lost in swirly, psychedelic patterns), especially during a test.

     I can only hope that they will be liked.” – Aspen Sutherland

AP Drawing Portfolio (Breadth)

AP Drawing Portfolio (Concentration)

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