AP Art History

The AP Art History course will engage students at the same level as introductory-level college art history survey courses. The students will examine and critically analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past and present from a variety of cultures. While visual analysis is a fundamental tool of the art historian, art history emphasizes understanding how and why works of art function in context, considering such issues as patronage, gender, and the functions and effects of works of art. Many colleges and universities such as Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma, University of Tulsa, and the University of Kansas offer advanced placement credit to students who perform successfully on the AP Art History exam.

Prerequisite: Art I, World History, FACS I

*At the end of this course, an Advanced Placement Exam will be administered. Students may earn college credit if the exam is passed.*

Download the 2019-2020 AP Art History Syllabus here.





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