Monotype Printmaking with Acrylic Paint

Monotype print using Golden OPEN acrylic paint.

Assignment Parameters

  1. You may chose the subject matter for this print.
  2. Minimum print (paper) size is 9″ x 12″. The printing press can only run papers up to 9″ x 18″; otherwise, your print can be made by using one of the ink brayers to apply pressure.
  3. Must use the Golden OPEN acrylic paints. Please ask Mr. Payne for this paint set.
  4. After printing, use at least two (2) other media on your print. This can include oil paint, watercolor paint, colored pencils, pastels, gel pens, collage, etc. to enhance your print. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


What Will Be Submitted for a Grade

  1. One Monotype print with acrylic paint and at least two (2) additional media.



  1. Select the size print you want to make. The size of plexiglass that you select will dictate the size of your print. You may also create multiple painted plexiglass sheets and print them separately on a single piece of paper. 
  2. Create a drawing that is the same size as the plexiglass. You may base your drawing on any subject matter, but remember the importance of the High School Artwork Subject Taxonomy
  3. After your drawing is complete, you will need to clean both sides of the plexiglass with a wet paper towel, then dry both sides with dry paper towels. 
  4. Use the green painters tape and tape all four sides of your plexiglass. This will automatically create a border for your print.
  5. Place the plexiglass on top of your drawing. 
  6. Using your drawing as a guide, use the Golden OPEN acrylic paint to paint the different sections of your drawing. Use the circular plastic palettes and you can mix your colors in the palette. You do not need much paint and do not apply thick layers of paint onto the plexiglass! Thick layers will “squish” out when you print and distort your design.
  7. After your plexiglass is completely painted, place the plexiglass on the printing press within the correct registration marks so it is centered on the steel printing bed.
  8. Place a piece of printing paper (the same size or slightly larger than the plexiglass) on top of the painted plexiglass. 
  9. Place the blankets on top of the paper and plexiglass.
  10. Run the paper and plexiglass through the printing press. 
  11. Slowly peel and remove the printed paper from the plexiglass.
  12. Wash the plexiglass thoroughly and place in the red drying racks. 
  13. Place your print on the paper drying racks. 
  14. After your print is dry you can begin working on it with the additional media. 

Print Labeling

  1. You will write the following information underneath your print in pencil:

Monotype                 “Title of Artwork”         Signature

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