Chine-collé Printmaking

Chine collé print by Hannah Tetts.

Assignment Parameters

  1. You can carve your print from linoleum, MDF board, or a woodblock. 
  2. Block size must be between 6″ x 8″ and 9″ x 18″
  3. You will use block printing ink and tissue paper, but you can also watercolor your prints, apply colored pencil, oil paint, etc. These prints will be mixed-media.
  4. You must create three (3) chine-collé prints. These can all be from the same carved block or different blocks. 


What Will Be Submitted for a Grade

  1. Three (3) Chine-collé prints.



  1. Create a design on a piece of paper that is the same size as your printing block. You may base your drawing on any subject matter, but remember the importance of the High School Artwork Subject Taxonomy
  2. Transfer your drawing to the printing block using the graphite and tracing method.
  3. Carve out your design on the printing block.
  4. Using any color tissue paper, cut out different designs or shapes from the tissue paper.
  5. Roll ink onto your printing block (use ink retarder so the ink doesn’t dry out)
  6. Using spray adhesive or Yes! paste, spray or paint on the glue to the side of the tissue paper that you want to stick to the paper you print on.
  7. Place the tissue paper on your inked print block with the glue side facing up (not the side that touches the inked block)
  8. Place your inked block with tissue paper onto the printing press. 
  9. Place your blank printing paper on the inked block within the registration marks.
  10. Run your block through the press, then remove the printed paper.
  11. To see the steps with photos click here. You can also watch a video on chine-collé.


Print Labeling

If your three prints are all different, you will write the following information underneath your print in pencil:

Unique                 “Title of Artwork”             Signature

If your three prints look exactly the same, you will label your prints with the numbered edition in pencil:

1/3                  “Title of Artwork”             Signature

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