AP Art History

AP Art History Exam Review Websites:

Quizlet: AP Art History 250 Required Images (flashcards, matching games, and more)

Smarthistory (videos, essays, images, and additional resources for the  AP Art History course and exam)

Khan AcademyRequired 250 Artworks for AP Art History

Artwork Outlines: Information in an outline format for all 250 works of art



Art History Content Areas:

Required Artworks for AP Art History:

Content Area 1 – Global Prehistory (30,000-500B.C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 2 – Ancient Mediterranean (3,500-300 B.C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 3 – Early Europe and Colonial Americas (200-1750 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 4 – Later Europe and Americas (1750-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 5 – Indigenous Americas (1000 B.C.E.-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 6 – Africa (1100-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 7 – West and Central Asia (500 B.C.E.-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 8 – South, East and Southeast Asia (300 B.C.E.-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 9 – The Pacific (700-1980 C.E.) (flash card images)

Content Area 10 – Global Contemporary (1980 C.E. to present) (flash card images)


Other Assignments

Why I Stopped Wearing Hijab


The Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR) Database

Objective: Research one work of stolen art in the ERR database, create a Keynote presentation about the artwork, and present your findings to the class.

Project must include the following:

  1. Image of the stolen work of art (provide color version if possible)
  2. Brief bio on the artist and information on the work of art (subject mater, medium, size, etc.).
  3. Original owner’s name and information about the person/family (provide images if possible)
  4. What ultimately happened to the artwork. Where is it today?
  5. Was the artwork restituted (returned) to the original owner?

We will work on this Project Monday through Wednesday in the computer lab. You will present your findings to the class beginning on Thursday. Bonus points will be given to those presentations that provide an abundance of information. You must email me your project (Keynote document) no later than 9:15 am on Thursday.

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