2021 Virtual Art Extravaganza

*Please read all of the information below before submitting your work through the link provided at the bottom of the page*

The annual YHS Art Extravaganza will be virtual again this year! We are accepting both 2D (drawing, painting, photography, and digital art) and 3D (sculpture, woodwork, and ceramic) artwork. Please submit work that is beyond a simple doodle or sketch out of your sketchbook, as these will not be accepted into the show.

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, May 12 at 11:59 pm

Photographing Your Artwork

Capturing a photo of your artwork is extremely important! Please visit this page or investigate the best methods for photographing your work. You can photograph your artwork with a cell phone, but do not apply any photo filters as this does not represent the veritas (truth) of the work. If Mrs. Adams or Mr. Payne has already photographed your work you may download these from Mr. Payne’s website, but you will still need to upload the image along with the form listed below. If you have access to a scanner, this works really well for capturing your art (as long as it fits on the scanner bed). If you submit a photo that is poorly properly taken, you will receive an email requesting that you re-photograph the work.

Submitting Your Art

You are limited to the number of works you can submit based on your current grade level:

  • Seniors or students enrolled in AP Art & Design, Art IV, or Art Internship I = maximum of 15 artworks per student
  • Juniors = maximum of 5 artworks per student
  • Sophomores = maximum of 4 artworks per student
  • Freshmen = Maximum of 3 artworks per student

Click here to enter work into the 2021 Art Extravaganza

(you will need to submit this form for each work of art that you wish to enter)


As we’ve done in the past, we will have three guest judges looking at all of the artwork. These judges will be announced at a later date, but they will not be from Yukon or work for Yukon Public Schools to ensure the integrity of the exhibition. The following awards will be given:

Best in Show Award (three separate awards and winners will receive prizes)

Merit Award (three separate awards and winners will receive prizes)

Principal’s Award (Mrs. Barlow)

Teacher’s Choice Award (Mrs. Adams)

Teacher’s Choice Award (Mr. Payne)

Honorable Mention (the number of recipients varies)


To see images of past Art Extravaganzas please click the links below:

2020 (virtual exhibition)





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