Young Talent in Oklahoma Selections and Album Artwork from Art II

Congratulations to the following students who had work selected to hang in the annual Young Talent in Oklahoma Competition:

Meghan Weeks (one work selected)
Kylie Mass (two works selected)
Abby Wright (two works selected)
Amanda Davis (one work selected)
Claire Cauthan (one work selected)
Eryon Olvera (one work selected)
Alyssa Hull (one work selected)
Juan Ibarra (one work selected)
Landon Roach (one work selected)

The Young Talent in Oklahoma exhibition will hang March 25 to April 6 at the Garvey Center on the Oklahoma Christian University campus in Edmond, Oklahoma. Admission is free.

The Art II class recently completed their Album Project where they had to collaborate with a client to produce artwork for an album cover. These images can be seen here.

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