New NAHS Chapter Now at YHS and New Art III, Art II, and Art I Artwork

Mrs. Adams and Mr. Payne are starting the very first National Art Honor Society chapter at Yukon High School! To join NAHS you must have completed at least ONE (1) semester of art or photography and have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 along with a cumulative 3.75 G.P.A. in all of your art classes. For more information, please select Mrs. Adams’ Oct. 17 ReThink Session. Freshman art students will be eligible in January, but can still attend the meeting to get information.

The lone student in the 7th hour Art III course completed her self-portrait drawing in charcoal. You can see that image here

The Art II just completed their study of radial symmetry and color theory by creating a tempera painting based on either a triadic or tetradic color palette. To see examples of these paintings, click here

Art I classes recently completed a study of color as well by creating a gradated color wheel with watercolor. Examples of this project can be found here

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