New Art II Drawings and Honoring Oklahoma Art Educators Art Exhibit

The 1st hour Art II class completed their first project of the year by drawing various forms and applying values to these forms. To see more of these projects click here

Do you want to collaborate on an art project with Mr. Payne and have your work shown in the Paseo Arts District at Paseo Gallery One during the month of November? Submit a sketch for a potential artwork idea (in any media) that you and I will work on together. Sketches with notes are preferred and due by 3 pm Thursday, Aug. 30. I will select the idea/concept that I feel is the strongest and best communicated. Only 25 student/teacher artworks in Oklahoma will be shown at the gallery for the Honoring Oklahoma Art Educators Exhibit, and the works will be auctioned with the proceeds going toward that school’s art program. Mrs. Adams is also participating in this event, so if you’d like to work with her, please see her in room S107.

Yukon High School Art
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