2018 Art Extravaganza Results

Friday’s annual Art Extravaganza debuted for the first time in the YHS Rotunda and once again proved successful with over 300 works of art on display, and student artwork sales totaling $517 with all proceeds going directly back to the student artists.

The YHS Art Extravaganza was designed, organized, and installed by students in AP Studio Art, Art IV, and student volunteers from across the high school. A BIG THANK YOU to all the students who submitted work, helped set up the show, and to those who stayed late to help take down the show. Another big thank you to Mrs. Payne-Tisdale of Independence Elementary School who donated 12 pizzas to serve to the guests. 

Additional thanks goes out to the guest judges; Jacquelyn Knapp of USAO, Alissa Austin of USAO, and Jay Manning of USAO. 

The awards received on Friday are listed below with the student’s name, title of the artwork, and the student’s current art class(es):




Best in Show
Clyde Ross – Everything And (AP Studio Art)
Clyde Ross – Death of Myself (AP Studio Art)
Breanna Oden – Cry Out (AP Studio Art & Art IV)


Merit Award
Abby Wright – Envy (Art III)
Giselle Ordaz – Leslie (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Breanna Oden – Year of the Dragon (AP Studio Art & Art IV)


Teacher’s Choice – Mrs. Adams
Clyde Ross – Paper Identity (AP Studio Art)

Teacher’s Choice – Mr. Payne
Giselle Ordaz – Candyland (AP Studio Art & Art IV)


Honorable Mention
Kaitlyn Hunt – Brown & Blue Pot (Ceramics)
Alesis Contla – Unworldly (AP Studio Art)
Alesis Contla – Desert (AP Studio Art)
Shayla Chaparro – Peacock (AP Studio Art)
Brooklin Layman – Incongruity Piece 3 (AP Studio Art & Yearbook)
Brooklin Layman – Untitled (AP Studio Art & Yearbook)
Billy Callan – Natural Identification (AP Studio Art)
Billy Callan – Porous Observation (AP Studio Art)
Jadyn Miranda – Foliage (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Abby Wright – Charcoal Self-Portrait (Art III)
Katelynn Jansen – Love Yourself (Art III)
Tenae Callies – Ocean Drought (Art III)
Clyde Ross – Disconnection from Our Plane (AP Studio Art)
Giselle Ordaz – Kimora (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Clay Brumbaugh – Lil Uzi Vert (Art II)
Sopia Bowie – Study of Monet (none)
Henry Ashby – Decompose (AP Studio Art)

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