Young Talent in Oklahoma Senior Portfolio Winners, State Superintendent Art Awards, and McDowell Scholarship Recipient

The 2018 State Superintendent Award for Arts Excellence Recipients.

Congratulations to Yukon High School seniors Kaitlyn Penick and Tien Tran who placed 2nd and 3rd respectfully in the annual Young Talent in Oklahoma Senior Portfolio competition! Kaitlyn received a $750 scholarship and Tien received a $500 scholarship, and both students can apply these scholarship funds to any post-secondary institution of their choosing. This is the fifth straight year YHS has had seniors place in the top 10 in the state and the only high school in Oklahoma to have a senior place in the top 10 for five years straight (2014 – 2018). For the General Exhibition group, senior Giselle Ordaz received one of only three Judges’ Choice awards for her copperplate etching titled, Void. Billy Callan, Kyra Thomas, Taylor Frias, Paetra Dolan, Shayla Chaparro, Alesis Contla, Kaitlyn Hunt, and Clyde Ross also had works selected for Young Talent.

Henry Ashby, Tien Tran, Jadyn Miranda, and Breanna Oden.

Seniors Breanna Oden, Jadyn Miranda, Henry Ashby, and Tien Tran were awarded the 2018 State Superintendent Award for Arts Excellence for visual art last night in a ceremony with State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Joy Hofmeister, at the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie. Junior and senior students are eligible for the award, which honors individual achievements in the fine arts. Tien Tran also received the award for piano and Yukon Middle School Principal Diana Lebsack received the award for school administration.

Jadyn Miranda also received the 2018 MacDowell Scholarship from the MacDowell Club of Allied Arts in Oklahoma City this week. The MacDowell Club of Allied Arts was founded to honor American Composer, Edward MacDowell, as well as to further the development of the MacDowell Artist’s Colony in Peterborough, New Hampshire and to encourage and inspire creative work in the Allied Arts. Ms. Miranda was selected as one of only three students in Oklahoma to receive the $1,000 award.



Yukon High School Art
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