2017 Art Extravaganza Results

Leigh Ann Brook’s AP Studio Art Concentration on display.

Friday’s annual Art Extravaganza once again proved successful with nearly 400 works of art on display, and student artwork sales totaling $1,091.00 with all proceeds going directly back to the student artists. This marks the third year in a row that sales from the Art Extravaganza have topped $1,000. 

The YHS Art Extravaganza was designed, organized, and installed by Mr. Payne’s 1st and 7th hour Art III classes and the 1st hour Art IV class. A BIG THANK YOU to all the students who submitted work, helped set up the show, and to those who stayed late on Friday to help take down the show.

Another big thank you to Mrs. Payne-Tisdale of Independence Elementary School who donated pizzas to serve to the guests,  the parents who brought baked goods, and the guest judges; Laura Warriner of {ArtSpace} at Untitled, Ginnie Baer of OSU, and Michael Litzau of UCO.

Below is the list of awards that were given with the student’s name, title of the artwork, and the current art class(es) the student is enrolled in:

Best in Show

Tien Tran – Noodle Duo (AP Studio Art)
Milissa Cagle – Wrapped Up (AP Studio Art)
Taryn Johnson – The Children of Warsaw (Art IV)

Merit Award

Tori Mashaw – Self-Portrait (Art III)
Taryn Johnson – Where is My Family? (Art IV)
Tien Tran – Something Magical (AP Studio Art)

Teacher’s Choice
Jill Seright – Constant (Art III)
Giselle Ordaz – The Tears (Art III)

Honorable Mention
Brynan Hull – Mountain Landscape (Art III)
Emily Pinkerton – Feral Prejudice (Art IV)
Kaitlyn Tess – Perspective 3 (Art II)
Jadyn Miranda – Floral (Art III)
Tori Mashaw – Self-Portrait (Art III)
Tori Mashaw – Bird (Art III)
Tori Mashaw – Field of Sunflowers (Art III)
Tenae Callies – Dawn’s Ocean Light (Art II)
Noah Williams – Glow Up (Photography/Yearbook)
Giselle Ordaz – The Tears (Art III)
Sophie Bowie – Milk (none)
Sophie Bowie Paper Cuts by Grass (none)
Tien Tran – Noodle Duo (AP Studio Art)
Ciara Walker – Dreams (AP Studio Art)
Breanna Oden-McNeely – Cry Out (Art III)
Monica Cano – Fair Game (Photography/Yearbook)
Grayson Godwin – Campfire (Photography/Yearbook)

Jill Seright’s Art III photo series Final titled “Constant.”

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