Record Sales for Friday’s Art Extravaganza

Mimicking the recent trend in the world of art sales and auctions (albeit a little short than the record billion dollars), Friday’s Yukon High School Art Extravaganza boasted record sales numbers with $1,086.50 worth of student artwork sold in only 2 1/2 hours, crushing last year’s result of $605.00 in sales in the same amount of time. An estimated 300 people attended this year’s exhibit. 

The YHS Art Extravaganza was designed, installed, and taken down by Mr. Payne’s 7th hour Art IV class with help from a few members of the YHS Art Club. A BIG THANK YOU to all the students who submitted work, helped set up the show, and those who stayed until 10 pm helping return the YHS cafeteria to its normal state. Another big thank you to Mrs. Payne of Independence Elementary School who donated 10 pizzas to serve to the guests, and Oklahoma Art Education Association (OAEA) members Isolete de Almeida, Sarah Carnes, and Frances Williams who judged this year’s show. Below is the list of awards that were given with the student’s name, title of the artwork, and the current art classes the student is enrolled in:

Judge’s Choice Award (Best in Show)
Kara Alston – “Lion Fish Sculpture” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Hailee Oliver – “Dark Touch” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Emily Hoebing – “Martinez Mondays Shrine” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)

Teacher’s Choice Award
Eric DeLoera – “No Title” (AP Studio Art, Ceramics, & Art III)
Christian Loveland – “Crystals” (Art IV)
(Teacher’s Choice artwork images are not available)

Honorable Mention Award
Raylee Burns – “Lost Adventure” (Art II)
Raylee Burns – “The Right Road” (Art II)
Eduardo Martinez – “Got Me Into Quartz Mountain” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Eduardo Martinez – “Dorks in Space” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Eduardo Martinez – “Tasmanian Devil” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Dakota Adams – “Untitled” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Dakota Adams – “4” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Kala Alston – “In the Midst” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Hailee Oliver – “Still Bleeting” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Mirian Druer – “After Hours” (Art II)
Taylor Gittins – “D5” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Emily Hoebing – “Busted” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Emily Hoebing – “Tristen Lee” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Emily Hoebing – “Babs” (AP Studio Art & Art IV)
Tien Tran – “Meyer 14” (Art I)
Kayla Frad – “Jewelry Box” (Ceramics & Woodshop)
Kara Elliott – “Eagle” (Art IV)
Teran Columbus – “Mother of the Mind” (Art III)
Bethany White – “A Comic Waste” (none taken this year)
Kara Alston – “Giraffe” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Ashlin Polly – “No Title” (Art III)
Christian Loveland – “Memory” (Art IV)
Courtney Thompson – “Similarities” (Art IV)
Hayven North – “Cotton Candy” (Ceramics & Art II)
Sonia Mawatachakit – “Spring” (Art III)
Mikayla Powers – “False Identity” (Art II)
Hannah Baudendistel – “Before and After” (Ceramics, AP Studio Art, & Art IV)
Kylie Jones – “Melting Ice Dragon Skull” (Ceramics & Art IV)
Teryn Dinneen – “Eyeball Vineyard” (Art IV)
(not all Honorable Mention Award winning artworks are pictured)

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