Art Show Extravaganza Photos and Awards

Last Saturday the YHS Art Club held the 2014 Art Show Extravaganza and we had an amazing turnout. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. There were nearly 500 works of art on display and the students sold $605 in artwork in 2 1/2 hours! There were multiple live musical performances and monologues performed as well.

Below are photos from the event and the award winners.

Best in Show Awards

Nicole Skinner (Cantes Inferno)

Emily Hoebing (Flower Girl)

Bethany White (Between the City and the Sea) (photo not available)


Honorable Mention Awards

Aspen Sutherland (Fire Planet)

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Danielle O’Connor (Gaze into the Eyes)

Savanna Canion (Salt)

Brittani Haywood (Eyeball)

Rachel Scott (Liar, Liar)

Karis Jones (It Looks Bad on Purpose)

Hannah Baudendistel (Pointilism Pinetree)

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Amanda Howard (Newlywed Game)

Karis Jones (La Bella Principessa)

Courtney Thompson (The Opera House)

Katelyn Dinh (Marilyn Monroe) (photo not available)

Cheyenne Clawson (Awakening) (photo not available)



Teacher’s Choice Awards

Kala Alston (Steampunk Box)

Eduardo Martinez (Dorks in Space)


Photos of some of the performances..

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