Check Out These Art Stories Over Thanksgiving Break


Interview with a Phantom: Cornelius Gurlitt Shares His Secrets

Fantastic interview with Cornelius Gurlitt, the German citizen who hid over 1,000 artworks that were confiscated by Nazi Germany.  Great insight into his side of the story and why he thinks the art should be returned back to him.


Should the Mona Lisa Be Cleaned?

CNN’s Nick Glass explores whether or not Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting should be cleaned.

Recovered Nazi-looted Painting Given To LACMA

Museum’s former public affairs director makes gift of Baroque-era masterpiece by Bernardo Strozzi valued at $3 million.


Dealer’s Hand

Why are so many people paying so much money for art? Ask David Zwirner.


2D or Not 2D? Photographer & Make-up Artist Team Up to Play Tricks on Your Mind

Really unique and creative face painting work…

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