Revisiting Past Artwork

Glaze added (November, 2013)

Recently while at my mother’s house, I found a ceramic sculpture I had “completed” in high school. I completely forgot about the piece, but vaguely remember leaving it at home when I left for college in the fall of 1998. After my mother moved from Stillwater, she took the piece with her to Illinois, then Arizona, and finally back to Oklahoma.

The piece was fired during my senior year of high school and I never got the chance to glaze my work. As I saw the twisting lines spiral upward on my mother’s bookshelf, I decided that it was finally time to complete it – almost 15 years later.

We often think of a work of art as “finished” as soon as we lay down the paintbrush or the carving tools. However, as I’ve learned throughout the years, it’s never too late to alter or finally complete a work of art.

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