AP Reward Paintings

The following works were created as a reward and given to those AP Studio Art students who submitted and passed the AP Art Portfolio from 2014 to present. Please note: not all students who passed the AP Portfolio opted to participate in this project.

These portraits portray the student as a patron of an interest or hobby held by the student. Each portrait is based on 15th and 16th century clothing styles as well as the color palettes used by Michelangelo and Pontormo – the exception being Saint Martha, which is based on a 16th century painting by Dutch artist Pieter Aertsen.



These portraits use collaged artifacts belonging to the student, which include drawings, notes, photographs, magazine clippings, and concert and movie tickets. These artifacts were collaged into the background with the portraits painted in oil. The rectilinear shapes represent “memory blocks” or fragments of the students’ past that may one day escape their conscious mind.




Images will be published in September of 2017.

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