New Art II Drawings and Updated ReThink Information

The 1st hour Art II class completed their Still-Life Drawing Project last week. You can see several examples here. The Wednesday ReThink sessions will continue next week on September 20. Closed and open sessions will be held throughout Yukon High School. The September 20th session will be an “Open Studio,” but if you are behind on […]

2017 Art Extravaganza Results

Friday’s annual Art Extravaganza once again proved successful with nearly 400 works of art on display, and student artwork sales totaling $1,091.00 with all proceeds going directly back to the student artists. This marks the third year in a row that sales from the Art Extravaganza have topped $1,000.  The YHS Art Extravaganza was designed, organized, and […]

AP Studio Portfolios Available to View!

The AP Studio Art class recently completed the grueling task of creating 24 works of art for their AP Portfolio review. For the “Breadth” section of the portfolio, the students explored a variety of art making techniques and methods, while the “Concentration” section allowed the students to focus on a specific thesis or message through the use of […]

Students Receive State Superintendent Award for Arts Excellence and New Art II Sculptures

Congratulations to Raylee Burns, Madelyn Novosad, Milissa Cagle, Leigh Ann Brook, and Ciara Walker who were awarded the Oklahoma State Superintendent Award for Arts Excellence. All five students received the award for visual arts, with Leigh Ann Brook receiving both the visual art and band award. YHS students Giorgia Patterson and Tori Venske also received […]

Art III Collage Drawings and Upcoming Art Extravaganza

The 1st and 7th hour Art III classes studied the work of Oklahoma State University professor Angela Piehl and her methods of intertwining collage and drawing. Click here for more information on the project and several great examples of student work. The annual Yukon High School Art Extravaganza is quickly approaching and Mr. Payne and Mrs. Adams […]